Fight Or Flight

Negotiating Crisis on the Front Line

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Join Dr. Andy Young on an “up close and personal” journey into the world of crisis negotiation. Experience a 360-degree panorama of hostage situations from the vantage points of SWAT teams, police, victims, the bad guys, and the specially trained mental health professionals who help save lives and bring relief to the extreme distress that comes with the trauma of crisis.

Aside from the drama, danger, tension, and terror of crisis situations, the crux of this book is a profound and deeply human story of real people and real stories—perpetrators, victims, law enforcement, and families—and the very real challenges they face in dealing with the emotional and psychological trauma of crisis situations. It is also a story of the dedicated crisis negotiators and counselors who devote countless hours to helping those traumatized by tragedy navigate safely through some of the worst experiences of their lives. Supremely, it is a story of courage and compassion, rescue and restoration for victims, families, and law enforcement alike.

Dr. Young’s book brings long overdue and well-deserved honor to the people who risk their lives regularly, not only for public safety, but also for the often-underestimated value of the mental wellbeing of everyone involved.


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