My First Blog


This is my first attempt at posting a blog and wanted to see how it looks.  As everyone is well aware, our society is struggling with law enforcement and its place in our society.  More specifically, our society is struggling with authority.  This struggle is compounded by the examples of authority behaving selfishly or poorly that are being highlighted right now.  But these examples of authority behaving selfishly or poorly cannot distract us from the real issue at hand, which is, what place does authority have in our society and how do those under that authority submit to it, especially when caught doing something wrong?

The real test here is when those in society are confronted by authority when they are not doing something wrong.  If I am pulled over when I wasn't speeding, if I am asked to make accommodations during an investigation (e.g. being put in handcuffs while officers investigate something), and even if I am arrested for doing nothing wrong . . . these are the things that test me.  Can I be patient and allow the system to work things out, even while awaiting arraignment and a judge's decision about my circumstances and innocence?  It takes humility and patience in order to submit to imperfect authority, and these are qualities that need to be fostered in all of us.

What do you think?

Posted on August 20, 2016 .