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Western States Hostage Negotiators Association

WSHNA is the first hostage negotiator conference I got to speak to in 2014. And, growing up in Washington State also makes this an important and special conference for me. I’m excited to get to come back and speak again in 2019! And I will get to be a judge for their competition.

Here’s a link to their 2019 conference page: http://wshna.com/2019_training_seminar_our_33rd_annual

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9:00 AM09:00

Seton Hall Law School

I’ve been invited to be a guest lecturer for a class in negotiations at the Seton Hall Law School.

I’ll be speaking about crisis negotiation skills, the use of mental health professionals in the field of negotiations, and telling some war stories. This should be fun!

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to Jan 17

Negotiator Competition and Seminar, Texas State University

I get to serve as a speaker and judge again this year for the 29th annual negotiator training and seminar at Texas State University put on as always by the gracious Dr. Wayman Mullins.

Here’s a link about the event: https://www.cj.txstate.edu/special/hostage.html

This is one of the best trainings in the nation for hostage negotiating teams. One of the reasons for this is the judges for this event are from the Mt. Rushmore of hostage negotiating. It is always an honor to attend and work with such a great group of negotiators who have been doing this work for a long time . . .

Another reason this is such a great training is teams are given a difficult, live scenario to work for 8 hours!

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Texas Tech University School of Law - Mental Health Symposium

For this symposium I get to serve on a panel with Lubbock Police Department Chief Greg Stevens and Lubbock County Sheriff Kelly Rowe.  The three of us will answer questions specific to the law enforcement response to those with mental illness.  Our panel discussion will be moderated by Judge Drue Farmer.  Looking forward to this!

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to Nov 2

Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators

Sgt. Brandon Pierpoint and I will get to speak about our in-service training for officers.  We'll speak on Tuesday November 30th in the afternoon breakout sessions.  In our in-service training we have officers work out their response to an armed suicidal subject.  While conducting this in-service we've also been gathering some interesting data and will share the applications of what we've found.  Thank you to Derek Gaunt for his article that inspired this training.


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11:00 AM11:00

West Texas Mental Health Conference

I get to speak at the West Texas Mental Health Conference about our Victim Services Crisis Team at the Lubbock Police Department!  This conference will bring together professionals from all components of the mental health system in our area in an effort to educate and improve all that we are doing!

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to Sep 21

Delaware Valley Association of Hostage Negotiators Conference

I've been invited to speak at the Delaware Valley conference on Sept. 21st!

My presentation summary: This presentation will review the role of a Psychological Consultant on a Hostage (Crisis) Negotiating team, with callout examples as illustration. This presentation will also cover negotiating with the empathy impaired, and includes a callout debrief from 2003 with a hostage taker who was likely a psychopath.  Finally, a callout review of an incident in which the presenter was the primary negotiator with a man high on meth. and committed to suicide-by-cop will be given.  This callout review illustrates some negotiator skills and techniques, and is also an opportunity to discuss negotiator self-care after an incident ends in the subject's death.

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